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Posted 22nd May 2012 @ 7:13 pm

So i spoke too soon and Sean was wrong. Death goes in fours and the fourth is possible the most important of all.

Robin Gibb R.I.P.

Jamie and myself have always been huge fans of the Bee Gees songwriting. Its a shame that their memory and legacy are continuously referenced by the over emphasis on their falsetto voices or their teeth. As an aside, whoever it was that encouraged them to sing like that (if indeed it was encouraged at all), should be bestowed some kind of music marketing life time achievement award cos while everyone was writing about, mocking and generally dismissing them as clowns, these aspects were opening doors, getting them noticed and all the while, the Brothers Gibb were quietly throwing down some of the best songs ever written. Even the songs that made up Saturday Night Fever  are a drop in their vast colourful ocean.  Their overall songwriting output resonated so much more then those 5 disco nuggets

At the beginning of the tour I got chatting with J and mentioned that for some reason I hadn’t been able to stop singing one of their classic songs ‘To Love Somebody’ And so it was with mad irony, that Jamie mentioned he had only just done an improptu duet with our support act Yuna on our forthcoming tour and VEVO posted it up.

So we decided to give it the G6 vibe and we’ve been playing it every night on the Eric Hutchinson tour, its been going down a storm and the crowd join us every time. It feels so lovely singing it. Its got an almost country twang but has a folky lilt as well and is extraordinary in its simplicity, yet depth of meaning. Id be a happy, contented man if I wrote a song that good.

Heres a YouTube vid someone took of us performing it in Boston.

I’m not gonna dwell on the Gibbs. They were so much more then anyone realised. Thanx for all that Robin. xx

Promise I won’t blog about anymore dead people.