Space Jam

Posted 25th Sep 2011 @ 4:54 am

I got me some new Jordans. Reissue Air jordan 3′s to be precise, blue and white. Nike have released a new Air Jordan design every year since 1985. I used to have an original pair in white and grey but I ran them into the ground. I know I know, the collectors out there will be tutting furiously that someone would actually wear such a great work of art and yes they are great works of art.

Nike very astutely reissued the whole Jordan range, well not very astutely, as 3 years ago, Adidas did the same with Superstars (or shell toes as they are known) and they cleaned up. Nostalgia sells

I used to be completely hooked on Jordans. I’d scour the world looking for box fresh versions from collectors, spending ridiculous amounts of money in the process.┬áThe first six models (1- 6) are the sneaker equivalent of the first 6 Prince or Stevie albums. You know, everything about them is perfect. And jus like said artists, it all went downhill pretty quick after that. In the case of Jordans, it went all high tech and Tron like. Really Naff. Jordans 1 to 6 were all lovely and B-boy style. My fav are the 4′s but they’re all great in their own way.

Fallen off the wagon again with trainer obsession, although when i think about it, that train spotter need to hunt out the latest and rarest has been in me throughout all aspects, music in particular.
Perhaps the Jordan obsession comes from being in the US so much where, Jordan himself is still mentioned in hush deity tones, along with Pop tarts and the fact everyone used to have a Job.

Jordan famously appeared in the Jam video for MJ, taken from the partly animated film, Space Jam. An obvious attempt by MJ to tap the jock market, about the only market he failed in. In retrospect, the sight of possible the greatest performer of all time flouncing around with possible the greatest Basket player of all time looks a little desperate, like they were both cashing in on the others fame when really they were heroes in their own right and didn’t need to resort to such trivialities. Perhaps he should have done a duet with Springstein.

Theres something very satisfying about a box fresh pair of Sneaks though. I’m not advocating their actions but I can understand the disenfranchised yoof of Britain rioting over the only meaningful currency they know. Would have been nice to have thrown in a bit of Social revolution while they were pinching boxes of Reebok’s (Reebok’s??)

So a decent pair is like a good suit (also a pet obsession of mine), makes u feel 10 feet tall, the male equivalent of the little Black dress.

I love Superstars, Gazelles, Stan Smiths, Rod Lavers, Jabbers, Fleetwoods, Forest Hills, AirForce 1′s, Dunks,Pro Keds and I love Converse but the first 6 Jordan models hold a special place in my heart.


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