On The road again

Posted 24th Sep 2011 @ 6:44 pm

So for most of this year, it seems that I’ve been living in a fog of perpetual jetlag, flying backwards and forwards between the UK and US. My poor brain and body feels its living on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic. Actually that might not be such a bad idea, might get some sleep…

I’m writing this in Boston in the first hotel room of the day. I say first hotel cos we’re moving hotels at 2pm. Manager Rick (he that must be obeyed) decided to put us on the red eye which meant we got in at 6am, checked into one hotel only to move to our actual hotel later today. Least we got a good sleep in and its fine cos we all have massive suites with Grand Pianos and hot and cold running Caviar on tap. Yeah Right!

Tour has been brilliant so far although a ‘tour’ implies a period with a beginning and an end with bits in the middle, like a good story. It seems we started back at the beginning of the year and we’re still going and we will still keep going but you know, thats rock n roll baby. Its the story that just keeps giving. No sleep till Brooklyn, etc, etc.

Mr Scott is in fine voice. I don’t know how he does it day in and day out banging out those notes, lots of sleep and Haribo starmix from what i can see.

We’re playing these songs in our sleep now. After a while and having played non stop, you stop worrying about getting it right, it jus becomes second nature, almost like breathing and thats when its starts getting really good, starts becoming interplay between human beings as opposed to a bunch of musicians playing together. I suppose you could say its like a love affair but that sounds naff. I think its what they call a higher plane or a deeper state of consciousness, something all ‘spiritual’, rubbish word i know but lets face it, its the basis of life as we know it isn’t it? That euphoric feeling you get when you fall in love or eat ice cream? Well its a bit like that on stage right now, you don’t know where it comes from but it feels good. In fact we may just sit on stage and eat ice cream. You could come and join us.

So Boston tonight and then onto NYC for the last shows of this stint that’s seen us play Albany, Austin City Limits, San Diego, San Fran and LA.

Looking forward to tonight as we’re gonna try something new out. We’ve been playing stripped back acoustic versions of the songs since day one. Its great to strip it back to just the voice and the song and then you add in the harmonies and it sounds loverleeee. We wear many hats in g6 but I like it like that, I love the variation.
Tonight we’re going to allow Leonn and Joe to join in as well, doing stripped back versions of what they do normally. Should create a good halfway house between the 3 piece and the full band. Some people prefer the acoustic, some prefer the full band, some love everything. I’m happy either way, as long as your into what we’re doing, then fine by me.
Jus driving past Cape Cod. Is this some new masked crime fighting marine dweller….?
MrD xx

Essential tour equipment, XBox, IPod and trailmix



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  4. Leigh Hoopes says:

    “Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” ~ Voltaire