Posted 23rd Aug 2011 @ 8:10 pm


  1. Amber Starr says:

    Your eyes are bloody amazing! You guys are great! :) Come to Miami!

  2. Janice Lyons says:

    Free great song and video

  3. DennIs says:

    I recently saw your show in Pittsburgh and thought you were great. Also enjoyed meeting afterwards and signing my CD. I was fascinated that you had your lyrics on an iPad on your mic stand. I could really benefit from this with my band. I’m not very tech savey but could you tell me how you put this on your iPad? Which app are you using? DId you type everything or can you “cut and paste?”. I understand if you’re too busy , but I promise to mention your name anytime someone asks me about it and show you around if you’re ever near Pittsburgh again. My phone is 724 290 6866. Thanks again, and we are enjoying your CD. PS, really enjoyed the Bee Gees tune. I’m a little older and can remember when that song came out. Been playing guitar ever since. Dennis