‘Free’ EP OUT NOW!!

Posted 19th Oct 2011 @ 10:54 am

“Do Graffiti6 ever sleep”

This is the question posed by those nice people over at ‘I Think I Love It’ Blog. How right they are to question our nocturnal habits because hot on the heels of the ‘Annie you Save Me’ EP comes the brand spanking new ‘Free’ EP with 7, yes S.E.V.E.N tracks on it!!!

The complete track listing is as follows:

1. Free (new single version)

2. Stone In My Heart (Stripped)

3. Annie You Save Me (Stripped)

4. Free (Stripped)

5. Foxes

6. Blue Ridge Mountains (Fleet Foxes cover)

7. Lay Me Down (Stripped)

The stripped versions are our popular ‘Acoustic’ versions of the songs. They were recorded entirely live and feature the fabulous Wired Strings to give it that little extra class. We don’t muck around.

Blue Ridge Mountains is a cover of the Fleet Foxes song. It’s featured in ‘Blue’ month,¬†our colour themed monthly countdown to the release of our album Colours, over on our Facebook page.

You can buy the EP online here.