The Making of “Free”

Posted 25th Nov 2011 @ 9:12 pm

January Tour Dates announced!

Posted 21st Nov 2011 @ 10:29 am

So after our December Jaunt around the US, it looks like we might just have time for a quick glass of sherry, a turkey sandwich and a bit of Knees up Mother Brown with Aunty Nora because we’ll be rushing back out on the road again in january as guests to the rather amazing Augustana. Tour dates are as follows:

17th Anaheim, CA- House of Blues
18th Los Angeles, CA- El Rey Theatre
19th San Francisco, CA- Great American Music Hall
21st Seattle, WA- Crocodile
22nd Portland, OR- Doug Fir Lounge
24th Salt Lake City, UT- Club Sound
25th Denver, CO- Bluebird Theater
27th Minneapolis, MN- Varsity Theater
28th Chicago, IL- Park West
30th Ann Arbor, MI- Blind Pig
31st Boston, MA- Paradise Rock Club

Theres more to follow in February so check the tour section of our site for all the info

Jamie’s live session on Kink Radio

Posted 21st Nov 2011 @ 10:08 am

Jamie popped into Kink radio’s Bing lounge for a live session last week and played 3 songs, ‘Goodbye Geoffrey Drake’, ‘This Man’ and of course the current single ‘Free’ You can hear the session here


Posted 11th Nov 2011 @ 11:41 am

Bloody hell I have been a busy, busy, busy, busy, bunny.
Actually I haven’t. I’ve been sitting on me ‘arris eating family packs o’ Lidl’s Steak and kidney pies and watching re runs of beverly hills 90210, waiting, waiting…
Actually I’ve been busy.
After a manic summer of gigs, festivals and promo, I took advantage of some time back home to get busy in the studio sorting through bits of ideas, playing with compressors, making beats, recording Colour themed covers and generally getting all Diana Ross and turning things upside down and inside out. Its not all glitz and glamour you know, theres lots of cable sorting

We also found time to work on a bunch of new stuff, more of which I shall tempt you with later.

I’ve also got into editing little movies, its a different head. It started with the videos that I take from the stage, filming you lot cos, you know your all stars!! And then there was for our cover of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ which was my attempt at pictorially visualising the lyric in my semi twisted absurd way. Recently we have our wicked cover of Yellow by Coldplay. Love that toon and i like the way we suitable G6′d the MoFo.

I’ve also been collecting all the live footage you lot have posted up, as well as pix I’ve taken on the road. And on that note I want to say keep filming and keep posting, we love it.
I’ve painstakingly edited it together into a visual extravaganza based around the single edit of Free. It’s been a great larf putting it all together, kinda like a summing up of what for us, has been an amazing year. Yes the travelling is hard but rocking up in a town and playing music to people is the best job in the world and don’t let anyone ever tell you different!
I’ll be posting it up soon, so stay tuned.

My editing skills don’t yet match up to the stunning vid for our new single ‘Free‘. As with the others it’s put together and art directed by our very own Jimi Crayon, the lovely affable scamp.

It’s a bit of a departure from our last two videos. ‘Set me free’ is the mantra of the song. When your stuck in a dead end relationship and neither of you can make the break, it’s a plea for one of you to have the courage to get out. Its a heartfelt song. We wanted a video that conveyed that and we got it.
BiGLuV to everyone that helped to put our song into pictures

30th Nov see’s the start of our tour supporting Xmena Sarinana Now thats gonna be a larf. She’s amazing and we’re going to all manor of places in the US, places that I thought only existed in Tom Hanks movies. Anyway, apologies if your towns not one of ‘em but theres only so much G6 to go round. Its Xmas as well so I’m gonna get my Santa outfit on and start gettin’ merry.

Better lock up yer lockers and bring Mince pies

D xx

“Free” Official Music Video

Posted 7th Nov 2011 @ 8:54 pm

Check out the new video for “Free”!

Posted 7th Nov 2011 @ 3:42 pm

Click here to watch the new official video for “Free”!

Goodbye Yellow, Hello Green!

Posted 2nd Nov 2011 @ 3:38 pm

Yes its November, so that means not only digging yer scarfs and gloves out but also a lovely new colour over on our Facebook page for the Colours Countdown challenge. Its not easy being Green yet Green it is. But we’re not saying goodbye to Octobers Yellow just yet cos in colours countdown tradition, we’ve set about giving a Yellow themed musical classic the G6 treatment.

Step forward Coldplay with their seminal toon ‘Yellow’

Have a butchers, along with all our other vids here